I am delighted to announce  that I will be exhibiting alongside sculptor Vivienne Haig in a show entitled Energy at the wonderful Zembla Gallery in Hawick, Scotland next month. Zembla, owned and run by Brian and Leslie Robertson, is a space for contemporary art housed within Little Lindisfarne – a splendid eco friendly, modernist home designed and built by Brian and Leslie. It’s a real triumph and you can read more about it in Grand Designs magazine here.

I encountered Zembla on Instagram towards the end of 2016 (@zemblagallery – give them a follow) and we have been in casual conversation since. I have been deeply impressed with their open, friendly and inclusive approach and sophisticated aesthetic so I was thrilled and flattered when I received the invitation to exhibit with Vivienne at the end of last year. I have made a series of 17 new paintings specifically for Energy, of which one is illustrated below. A full pdf catalogue will be available in due course.

I do hope you’ll be able to come along. The private view is on Saturday, August 4th, 1-4pm and I will be there of course. All details can be found on the pdf invitation (view it here), however if you’re unable to make it I urge you to plan a visit to Hawick at some pointi somon, for if Zembla represents the shape of tomorrow’s contemporary gallery, then the future of exhibiting new art is bright indeed.

The Humming Wires. XVI 2018 Oil & tempera on board 25.1 x 22.0cm

The Humming Wires. XVI
Oil & tempera on board
25.1 x 22.0cm

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